About The Violin

The violin is a string instrument which is positioned under the chin and played by drawing a bow across the strings to produce a sound. The strings are pressed down using the fingers of the left hand to change the pitch. The violin is used in many different genres of music, but most especially in classical music and folk music (where it is often referred to as the fiddle).

Famous Violinists

  • Yehudi Menuhin
  • Nigel Kennedy
  • Vanessa Mae
  • Anne-Sophie Mutter
  • Sherlock Holmes


  • Meditation (Massesnet)
  • Violin Concerto in G Minor (Bruch)
  • Spring from The four Seasons (Vivaldi)
  • Vittorio Monti (Czardas)

Did You Know…

David Garrett broke the world speed record for the violin, playing the Flight of the Bumblebee at a rate of 13 notes per second.

Is The Violin For You?

The violin is a great instrument if you would like to play as a soloist in either classical or folk music or in an orchestra or string quartet. It can be quite difficult to master in the early stages and requires a good technique and perseverance. Be prepared to put up with lots of squeaks in the early stages. However, those who do persevere benefit not only from developing their musical ability, but also their brain. Violinists have far more connections between the left and right sides of the brain than non-violinists. Violins come in different sizes which means that children can start learning from a very young age. We teach all levels of violin from beginner to advanced.