Drum Lessons Wimbledon

Drum Lessons Wimbledon

Drum lessons Wimbledon

No band is complete without a skilled drummer providing the perfect beat and rhythm for all other members. This loud and powerful instrument is in high demand in a variety of musical styles, and at Cherry Pie Music, our drum lessons can be tailored to your passions, including rock, contemporary and jazz drumming. Whether you’ve never held a drumstick before in your life or you’re an advanced musician looking to polish your technique, our Wimbledon drum lessons are perfect for anyone with a passion for the drums.


Our Wimbledon drumming lessons are tailored to your needs

The drumming lessons at Cherry Pie Music are a popular choice, regardless of age, and our experienced drumming teachers will ensure your drum lessons develop your strengths and address your weaknesses. We work with people who both want to learn the drums for their own enjoyment and people who aim to pass their grade exams.

If you are taking drum lessons with an aim to pass your grade exams, you’ll be happy to hear that Cherry Pie Music is an exam centre for the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). This means that our teachers will be able to make sure your Wimbledon drumming lessons include everything you need to know in order to pass your exams.


Private Wimbledon drumming lessons

At Cherry Pie Music, we understand the importance of one-to-one tuition in order to help you become the drummer you want to be. Your drum lessons will be taught at the best pace for your needs, and our drum teachers all have a wealth of technical expertise and experience playing music. We’re all dedicated to helping people discover the joy of music and providing exceptional drum lessons for you.

If you’re interested in our Wimbledon drumming lessons, the best thing to do is to book 20% off your introductory drum lesson.  Playing the drums is an incredible fun experience and we’re certain once you’ve experienced sitting behind a drum kit, you won’t want to be anywhere else! Find out everything you can about the drums in our instruments section.


For more information on, and to book your termly Wimbledon drum lessons, either book online or call 020 8395 7718 today.