Guitar Lessons Wimbledon

Guitar Lessons Wimbledon

Wimbledon guitar lessons

Whether you want to be a rock star, folk musician or classical artist, learning to play the guitar is a skill you’ll cherish for life. Our guitar teachers have years of experience in a variety of styles, helping you to realise your dreams of playing the guitar. From beginners who’ve never held a guitar in their life to advanced players looking to refine their skills, our Wimbledon guitar lessons are perfect for anyone with an appreciation of this wonderful instrument.


Our Wimbledon guitar lessons are for everyone

Cherry Pie Music’s guitar teachers are experienced in teaching people of every age, including children, teenagers and adults and we understand how to structure your lessons to respond to your strengths and areas for improvement. You may want to guitar lessons to pass your grade exams or you may want to learn to play the guitar for your own enjoyment – either way, your Cherry Pie guitar teacher will be here to support you every step of the way.

Cherry Pie Music is an exam centre for both the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), and Rockschool (rock and pop grades), and our guitar lessons in Wimbledon will ensure you receive all the support you need to get ready for your grade exam. You’ll learn about musical theory to enhance your playing and the best guitar techniques for playing your preferred styles of music.


Private guitar lessons Wimbledon

Private guitar lessons with Cherry Pie Music not only allow you the focus you need to advance your guitar playing, they will move at a pace that suits you focus on the areas you need to advance and improve. Our guitar teachers not only have amazing technical expertise with the guitar, they have years of ‘real’ experience with it and they’re deeply passionate about providing unrivalled guitar lessons in Wimbledon and beyond!

To find out more about our Wimbledon guitar lessons, is to book 20% off your introductory guitar lesson today. You’ll soon find out just how versatile this wonderful instrument is, and find yourself wanting to master the guitar in a style you love.


Simply book your Wimbledon guitar lessons online or call us on 020 8395 7718 to find out more about our guitar lessons today.