Recorder Lessons Wimbledon

Recorder Lessons Wimbledon


The recorder is a type of flute with a great history and was popular throughout Renaissance and Baroque music. Incredibly easy to make a sound with, the recorder is the perfect instrument for children to start learning, especially if they’re a bit too young for the flute, clarinet or saxophone. The recorder doesn’t require a great level of hand-eye coordination, so it allows for quick progression and is the perfect instrument to play to help you learn to read music. Whether you’re young or old, recorder lessons with Cherry Pie Music are a fun and accessible way to get into the world of music.

Whether you want to learn to play the recorder for your own enjoyment, or develop your skills to move onto other instruments, Cherry Pie Music is here to help.


Cherry Pie Music’s recorder lessons in Wimbledon are highly accessible
Recorder lessons are ideal if you or your child wants to start learning woodwind instruments, and this versatile instrument offers a wide range of benefits for its players, including:

  • Easily develop a sense of musicianship and musicality
  • Improve levels of body awareness and breathing control
  • Highly accessible and portable

When you learn the recorder with the teachers at Cherry Pie Music, your lessons will be tailored to your goals, making the most of your time with us and ensuring you reach your goals.


Why choose Cherry Pie Music’s recorder lessons in Wimbledon?
Here at Cherry Pie Music, all our music teachers are chosen for their combination of musical expertise and ‘real life’ experience playing music in bands and orchestras. Whether you want to play the recorder for your own enjoyment, as a foundation to another instrument or to achieve your grade awards, we’re here for you every step of the way.

As an exam centre for the Association Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), we have everything you need to be fully supported in the progression of learning to play the recorder and all your lessons will be tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses.


The recorder is a severely underestimated instrument, but at Cherry Pie Music, we think it’s great! Try learning the recorder today and enjoy 20% off your introductory lesson. For more information about our recorder lessons in Wimbledon, call 020 8395 7718 or book online today.