Rockschool Groups

rockschoolThe ‘Rockschool’ Graded Guitar Courses are designed to teach the techniques and syllabus of the ‘Rockschool’ guitar grades, which are the first fully accredited rock/ pop grades for modern instruments.

Together with the teacher, students are taken through the songs for their particular grade, along with the necessary techniques, theory, music reading and listening skills to enable them to take the exam.

The lessons are in a group of a maximum of 10 people, making them fun, sociable, and highly cost effective. It also means students can work together and interact in a way that is impossible in a one to one lesson.

If you would like to step your guitar playing up a level, fancy a challenge, or even want to take your first steps in playing the electric guitar without the pressure or the cost of one to one lessons, then these courses may be the answer for you.

All of our guitar teachers are music graduates and working professionals, so you will find them knowledgeable, friendly, and receptive to your learning needs.

‘Rockschool’ grades start at ‘Debut’ for absolute beginners, and go through to grade 8. Please ask if you are unsure of your level.


Please enquire regarding timings and dates for Rockschool groups