Singing From Scratch

singingfromscratch‘Singing from Scratch’ is a course for adults who have always wanted to learn to sing but have either never got round to it, or never had the nerve.

At Cherry Pie Music, we are aware of how many people, especially adults, find singing in front of others a terrifying experience, which is why we have tailored this course especially to take the terror out of singing.

Held in groups with a maximum of 10 participants, and led by one of our professional and highly experienced singing teachers, students are taught singing technique, aural skills, and basic music reading in an encouraging, fun, sociable environment. Nobody has to sing on their own (unless they want to), and with a minimum of 5 per group everyone has safety in numbers when they sing.

Anyone can learn to sing, and everyone can improve – even if you are ‘tone deaf’ or were told to mime in your school choir. Whether you want to learn for fun, to join a choir, or to win that karaoke competition, this course will get you started with everything you need to know and do.

Group times: Tuesday 7pm