Adult Lessons

If you’re an absolute beginner as most adults are when they first come for lessons with us, we have courses and teaching methods designed specifically with adults in mind and our teachers are all experienced in teaching adults as well as children so you’ll find someone who is on your level and understands your own musical tastes and goals.

Often people come to us wanting to take up again an instrument they learnt as a child but had to stop when the pressures of job, family and so on took over. With the right tuition you’ll be surprised how quickly it’ll all come back to you. The enjoyment of starting the instrument you love again is immense and you’ll find yourself wondering why you didn’t get back into it sooner.

Some of our adults are already very advanced and playing semi-professionally in bands, ensembles and so on. Our teachers have the real-world experience to help you achieve your performance and recording goals and give you tips and advice that only years of performing experience can offer. We can also help you form or join a band or group, find gigs for yourself, and gain live and ensemble experience through our groups, jam nights and concerts.

At our school we have lessons right up to 9.30pm on weekdays and all day at weekends so you can fit your lessons in around the demands of work and family. If your schedule is hectic you can just book your lessons as you go, arranging them one at a time around whatever else you happen to be doing.

All our Cherry Pie teachers are down-to-earth and we have a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere so you’ll feel good and be raring to go as soon as you come in the door. You can book a free introductory lesson with no obligation to carry on, so come and find out for yourself!