Teenagers Lessons

We teach a large number of teenagers at Cherry Pie. We have a fun and relaxed atmosphere and concentrate on teaching you the music you want to learn. Our teachers come from a wide range of musical backgrounds and will respect and understand your musical tastes whatever they may be.

Lots of young people come to us to learn rock guitar, drums and bass, for singing lessons in various musical styles and for classical and jazz lessons on all instruments. We can take you towards whatever your goal in music is, whether to play in a band or orchestra, write your own music or just play for your own enjoyment.

Nearly all our teachers come from a professional music background and either are or have been professional performing, studio or session musicians. There’s a world of difference between ‘real’ musicians who also know how to teach and music teachers who have never done it for real, and it’s something you should look for when finding a teacher.

If you have a particular band or song you want to learn you can bring the recording to your lesson and your teacher will work it out (called transcribing) for you and teach it to you. The focus is entirely on what you want to learn.

If you want to do exams or go on to further music study we can take you to the highest levels with all the major exam boards in all styles of music and prepare and qualify you for music study at A-level or degree. Certain exams can count as extra UCAS points if you’re applying for university regardless of the subject you are applying for.

You can try our lessons out for free with a free introductory lesson. There’s no obligation to continue, so you’ve got nothing to lose!