About The Cello

The Cello is a member of the violin family and has four strings which are tuned in fifths. Its full name is the Violoncello, but this is usually abbreviated to Cello. The cello has steel strings which are played by drawing a bow across them or occasionally plucking them. The Cello in mainly associated with European Music both as an orchestral and solo instrument.

Famous Cellists

  • Jacqueline Du Pre
  • Yo-Yo Ma
  • Julian Lloyd Webber
  • David Popper

Famous Cello Pieces

  • Elgar’s Cello Concerto
  • Dvorak’s Cello Concerto
  • The Swan by Saint-Saens (from the Carnival of The Animals)
  • Six Suites for Cello by Bach

Did You Know

In the James Bond film ‘The Living Daylights’ James and his cellist companion use a cello case to escape down a snowy mountain. The cello itself is used to steer them. We wouldn’t recommend that you try this trick yourself…

Is the cello for you?

The cello is a great instrument to learn if you are mainly interested in classical music. You can play it as a soloist or in an orchestra or string quartet. The cello is a very beautiful instrument and most people get a great deal of pleasure from playing it. Cellos come in different sizes, which means that children as young as five can learn (on a 1/16th size). String instruments are often the best way to develop a musical ear, as the strings are fretless – this means that cellists have to find the notes using their ear (or in the case of beginners, with the help of markers). We teach both adults and children from complete beginner to advanced level.