Andrea Turco – Drums

AndreaTurcoAndrea Turco started playing drums at 11 and having private drum lessons during high school. After the diploma he joined two different institutions in order to achieve the most complete education about music and performing arts: La Sapienza University and the Saint Louis College of Music where he achieved a BA in Literature, Music and performing Arts, and an Instrumental Drum three year diploma respectively . Those studies allowed him to attend classes of music theory (classical, pop and jazz), aural, music technology, music history, composition (jazz and pop), journalism, media, music business, performance workshops, piano guitar and drum lessons. At the same time he started his career as a drum tutor, music journalist and session musician. Andrea moved to London in 2007, to complete his studies at the Bimm Institute (former Drumtech) where he got the three months master performance certificate.

In his employment history Andrea has worked in schools, music studios, TV studios, newspapers and councils, and had to collaborate, among the others, with producers, teachers, managers, press executives and students. He also joined a wide range of bands, artist and live acts, covering all kinds of music styles with extensive tours in Italy, France, England and U.S.A.