Brenda – Flute, Saxophone, Recorder, Clarinet

Brenda - WoodwindAs a teenager Brenda won a scholarship to the Guidhall School of Music while playing with the Merton Youth Orchestra. She held the scholarship for 5 years before going on to do a music degree at Trinity School of Music. Before graduating she also gained teaching diplomas in clarinet and flute.

As well as being heavily involved in commercial music making during her life, Brenda has done extensive work with children including teaching in schools and 5 years working at a Merton play scheme. She also has a daughter of her own.

As well as playing, Brenda is very interested in the health benefits of playing woodwind instruments such as improved posture and breathing, and enjoys seeing these benefits in her pupils. Brenda has a fun approach to teaching and ensures her pupils have plenty of fun tunes, duets and so on to keep motivated and enjoy learning.