Stefanos – Guitar

Stefanos was born Larisa, Greece. His music experience started at the age of 11 as Greek lute player. At 14 he became interested in the electric guitar which he taught himself. Later on, he started taking lessons in modern guitar and harmony. Alongside this, he carried on studying the classical Oud. Having initially explored rock music, he gradually developed his skills as a Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion player.

Since the age of 17, he has performed professionally at concerts as well as taking part in recordings as a guitarist and Oud player. Over this period he explored different styles from rock, blues, funk, reggae, to Jazz Fusion and World music. He also teaches guitar and Oud since 2001.

In 2005 he moved to London to expand his musical experience. He got a BMus in Popular Music in TVU/Guitar X and was honoured as ‘Best Guitarist of the Year’.

Currently Stefanos is a leading member of Anosis Band and his own Jazz Fusion Trio, as well as working with various artists such as The Thunderclap Newman Band and The Double S Acoustic Duo among others.